Water Resources Services

Stream Management At Gredell Engineering, we understand that stream ecosystems result from dynamic interactions among water, climate, geology, vegetation, and human influences. We then consider the five basic characteristics - water quality, habitat structure (including channel dimension, pattern, and profile), flow regime, energy source, and biotic interactions, and apply these to your stream management project. Riparian Management Gredell Engineering's watershed projects range in scope from supporting development of the stream management assessment to developing best management practices (BMP) in watersheds of a few acres. Through an integrated watershed approach, we can manage stormwater quantity and quality, protect life and property, and safeguard infrastructure while allowing development opportunities and restoring and maintaining ecological health, integrity, and biological diversity in the watershed. Natural Resource Management A full-service engineering and consulting firm, Gredell Engineering provides natural resources management support to federal, state, and local agencies, and private landowners. We furnish outstanding support through access to strong local technical resources. Gredell Engineering works to create sustainable solutions to meet our clients’ needs. Floodplain Studies Gredell Engineering staff have successfully completed Digital Flood Insurance Rate Map (DFIRM) and Flood Insurance Study (FIS) reports. Our water resource engineers have extensive knowledge in hydrologic/hydraulic studies, watershed assessments and floodplain analyses. We also have extensive expertise in river mechanics, waterway opening studies and scour analyses. Drainage evaluation expertise includes complex storm drains, multi-cell culverts, roadside ditches, outfall stabilizations and stream diversions. Wetland Mitigation, Restoration, & Permitting Our staff have successfully completed dozens of innovative wetland projects for a variety of private and public sector clients—including municipalities, private developers, and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Corps). We can support aspects of developing sites, stormwater management plans, habitat restoration, and ecosystem-based approaches to surface water management involving wetlands. We have successfully performed site assessments, habitat evaluations, and species surveys on hundreds of properties containing wetlands under federal laws, regulations, and guidelines of the U.S. Corps of Engineers, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and other state, local, and federal agencies. Lake Management & Restoration Gredell Engineering is committed to preserve, manage, and restore our natural resources—including lakes. This commitment extends from our partnerships with various citizen groups to our work with clients. Gredell Engineering staff has performed field investigations of existing lake systems to identify potential areas for restoration. Typical investigation tasks include: sediment generation, transport, and exploration study; site surveys of vegetation and features; preliminary sampling and testing of water; preparation of conceptual plans; hydrologic and hydraulic analyses; and detailed site bathymetric surveys, sediment surveys, and sediment analytical testing.


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